Choosing the right outfits are crucial and can make your photo session go from "good" to "GORGEOUSSS". Your style is a way to express who you are...and feeling comfortable is key! I know what looks great for photographing, and I'm here for advice along the way!

What TO wear:
-Something that you are able to do a variety of poses in (sitting, twirling).
-A variety of outfits that show your personality. I always suggest a cute, flowy dress and a more casual outfit.
-NUDE undergarments.
-Clothing that accentuates your best features.
-Simple Jewelry, thin chained necklaces and delicate earrings.
-Colorful/petite beads look super cute with summer/beach sessions.
-Choose pastels, whites, blues, and jewel colors. 

What NOT to wear: 
-Wrinkled + dull colored clothes.
-Busy patterns (plaid, camo, etc).
-Short skirts or shorts that show too much when sitting or squatting.
-Chunky jewelry.
-Tops that are cut too low or show cleavage.
-Clothes that are too tight-fitting.

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Fave stores to check out -->

free people, mink pink, 3 bird nest, joyfolie, salty crush, morning lavender, abercrombie, o'neill, vici collection, lulus
local spots: ta dah, island gypsy, the islander, heritage surf, 7th street surf shop, francescas

Keep face cleaned and moisturized daily. 
Wash your face twice a day and exfoliate 2-3 times per week. My favorite products are in my beauty Pinterest board (link below!)

If you want to, get a facial a week prior to your session, but don't get one right before your session! Give your skin time to settle.
It's not a great idea to tan or spray tan right before your session. Spray tans show orange on the camera, and tan lines are difficult to hide, so be careful when tanning in the sun (wearing a strapless bandeau bikini is helpful)! 
If you see a dermatologist regularly, don’t get a peel or any kind of microdermabrasion for at least a week before your session.





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Keep them clean, but don’t get them waxed the day before.

Dry lips will show up in photos, it's so important to exfoliate your lips before your session! Try a homemade lip scrub (or buy one), and use it every night a couple weeks before your session. 

Nails- A manicure, or even just a fresh coat of polish, will go a long way! Nudes and pink tones are always a great choice! 

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If your session includes professional hair and makeup, awesome! I highly recommend getting it done for your session!

Here are some tips for choosing the right makeup for your session:
-The camera sees everything, so it's important to have enough coverage. If you're not used to wearing makeup, you may feel like you have a lot of makeup on. Trust me, it will look natural and amazing in photos. Check out my Pinterest board below for natural makeup tips!
-Whether you're going for a natural or glam look, choose colors that compliment your skin tone.
-Adding natural looking lashes will make your eyes pop!
-Checklist: foundation, blush/contour/highlight, soft color on the eyes, eyeliner (if you like it!), lip color (nudes, reds and pinks look great!), filled brows.
-My favorite makeup brand is 100% Pure. They have gorgeous colors and products!
-Make sure hair is clean and dry. Rinsing your hair with cold water will enhance the shine! Check out my Pinterest board for natural hair care tips.

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-Look over the what to wear guide, make sure each piece of your outfit is ready to go. I suggest laying out everything the night before.

-Make sure you have the right undergarments for your outfits, nude undies or sticky boobs are always great!

-Drink plenty of water, eat healthy and get lots of zzz's.

-Lotion up any dry skin (elbows, legs, feet + hands)!

-Brush and floss those pearly whites!

-Remember to have relax and have fun! This is going to be a blast, no stress or worries, just lots of free spirited fun!

-Bring along whoever makes you feel most relaxed and comfortable! Mom, sister, friend, or come by yourself!

-Come on we can get started right away!

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