i'm nicole,

lover of all things summer

Most days you will find me exploring earthy places and singing out my car window at the top of my lungs to all the good 90's songs. I love chocolate, fruit trees and bow scrunchies.

I am often seen doing ballet in Target aisles...no shame! I can quote any episode of Friends and I'm probably the most nostalgic person you'll ever meet.

My birthday is on the last day of summer, which is why I whole-heartedly believe that my uncontrollable craving for it is a part of who I am!

The warmth of this magical sunny season makes me feel myself...I feel free.
With that being said, my photography style is centered on a summer state-of-mind, no matter what the season. This means cheery colors, nature in it's purest form, and lots of free spirited love and laughter.


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Sweet Nothings & Soft Kisses


Summer state of mind

Book with me

One of the many reasons I am passionate about senior photography is because I want to inspire you to embrace it all and stay true to yourself.

As you are about to graduate and face a whirlpool of changes, it's SO important to go out in this world with your head held high and know that you are capable, strong, and beautiful in every sort of way.

I am a natural-light photographer (+ part time big sis!), here to capture YOUR uniqueness during YOUR senior year. 

My focus is on authentic moments, natural beauty, and free-spirited fun. No big flashes, props, or cheesy poses here!

With me, it's not just about "getting senior pics done". Your photoshoot is meant to be an experience, and it's all about you. Get ready to laugh, explore, have fun, and get your feet a lil sandy!

purpose fuels passion

 Before starting my photography business, I was a kindergarten teacher (with the best kids ever)! These tiny little people taught me so much about life, perseverance, and how compassion and patience can go a long way.  

In this life, we're called to serve. These kids made me realize how important it is to be a light to others, as they were always a light to me. It's such a huge responsibility knowing that little ones are looking up to you, but also one of the best things in this life.

Striving to be an uplifting role model is something I've carried into my photography business, especially while working with high school seniors and teens. I'm all about empowering young girls to love and embrace their uniqueness! 

what a 5 YEAR OLD taught me

always down for an adventure--
let's go chasing waterfalls


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