I wanna hear your story, gimme all the fun details

Are you ready for this?

Reminding you that I'm here to up-level your senior year. Your photoshoot is all about YOU! I'm not here to just snap a few photos and send you on your way. After all, it's your LAST year of high school, and you deserve to have a ton of fun! I'm here to capture all your free-spirited joy and natural beauty. Sound awesome?! If you're screaming YESSS, then girl GET IN my inbox. Let's do this thing.

But first...

"nicole is not only the sweetest girl ever--but an amazing photographer"

"She utilized the time perfectly and made me feel really comfortable. She knows what looks great on camera and directs you on what to do while letting you know you look GREAT while doing it! Her personality makes the shoot SO fun and I would loveeee to do many more with her." Lindsay