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Join the 2023 Senior Model Team with Nicole Marie Photography! The search is on! Now looking for a group of sweet, enthusiastic and adventurous girls to represent Nicole Marie Photography’s seniors of 2023. Wanna be a part of exclusive styled shoots, make new friends, go on adventures and have an incredible experience during your senior year?!

Request an application here!

Joining the 2023 senior model team includes:

Invitations to 4 group styled photoshoots throughout the year + all digitals

Your individual senior session!

Promo codes for prints/digitals!

Being a part of an exclusive group + making forever memories during your last year of high school!


Your individual senior session must be booked in order to join the team. To request info on booking your senior session, click here!

You must love being in front of the camera (but you don’t need to be a pro)!

Must love making new friends!

“I love being on the senior model team because of the amazing people and experiences I have gained through it. I have met so many new girls that are now some of my closest friends, and the team shoots are always so much fun!” Sarah

Each year, I love creating cute themes for each shoot. Having variety makes it fun, so I love changing up the locations and styles. About 1-2 months before each shoot, the model team girls will get an email from me explaining all the details. This includes outfit colors and style, hair and makeup tips, where we will be meeting, and the deadline for sending me your outfit choices. I’m always available to answer questions and help with choosing outfits. My goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to plan!

Every year, team photoshoots will be slightly different, but here’s what we did last year for the class of 2022!


Boardwalk shoot!

Our first team shoot took place near the Playland rides and Jilly’s candy shop on the Ocean City boardwalk. We started out by introducing ourselves to the group! It was so exciting to meet everyone! I explained the “heart” behind Nicole Marie’s senior model team. That is, we’re all in this to make new friends and have A TON of fun. Clicky-ness and rudeness isn’t welcome–because we are a loving sisterhood! I’m all about making this a momentous time for your senior year. It’s not just about pretty pictures, it’s also about meeting new people and being a part of an exclusive group.

Then, we talked about what’s expected during photoshoots. I always tell girls to not worry about being in a perfect position or feel nervous about posing. Giving the right amount of direction is what I’m here for, and I know how to get the best angles and expressions. I’m all about posing in a natural way, so that you don’t look stiff or uncomfortable. For team shoots, I encourage girls to interact with each other as we’re taking pictures. I love capturing the in-between moments: laughing, talking, and running around on the beach!

After chatting, it was time to shoot! We started out taking photos inside Jilly’s colorful candy shop on the Ocean City boardwalk. The fun vibes of the store really set the mood for the day!

Then, we wandered into Playland where we went on the flying swings and ferris wheel! The model team girls were laughing non stop as the swings made us all so dizzy.

After the rides, we grabbed ice cream at Kohr Bros and headed down to the beach. Catching the sunset was a MUST on our to-do list!

At the very end of our boardwalk/beach shoot, some of the girls decided to jump in the ocean to carry on the tradition from last year. Sami decided to fully commit, and she went all the way under the water! It was such a fun way to kick off the summer season in Ocean City!

senior model team boardwalk rides

Beach bash with floats!

Our second shoot was on a bay side of Ocean City, and it was so adorable to say the least. We snacked on delicious smoothie bowls from Swell Cafe, and posed with some fresh watermelon and pineapples!

After we had a little fruit picnic, the girls grabbed their favorite floats for poses. Then, we did a little beach “frolicking” for some fun movement shots!

We ended the photoshoot by jumping in the ocean, the perfect end to summer before school began. senior model team fruit

Snowy alpaca photoshoot!

For our winter shoot, we ventured out to the prettiest alpaca farm.  If you have ever been near alpacas, you know they are the cutest farm animal ever. They have adorable smiles on their fluffy faces that make you want to snuggle them all day long. One of the best parts of this photoshoot was that we had a surprise snow storm that turned the whole world magical. The snowy white backdrop made the sun glisten on all the trees. Although we were cold, the girls had a blast and we captured some glowy sunset moments! This shoot was definitely a top bonding moment for us all as we navigated through snow and feeding alpacas! senior model team alpaca farm

Our last shoot for the 2022 team will be this upcoming spring, and it’s a surprise! To see what we’ll be up to, follow me on instagram @nicole.mariephotographyteen girls at alpaca farm


  • How do I become a senior model?

First, you’ll need to book your senior session and then you’ll need to fill out a model team application. Once accepted, you and your parent will be required to sign a Model Release + contract. The fee to join the model team is $65 (this does not include your individual senior session fee). This must be paid in full in order to join. Once I receive your application and payment, I’ll be contacting you to welcome you onto the team! You’ll be added to group messages to stay up to date with plans and dates of group photoshoots!

  • When is the deadline to apply?

May 2022

  • Do I need modeling experience?

No! If you are comfortable in front of the camera, enjoy picking out cute clothes, doing your hair and makeup, and down for fun adventures, then fill out that application!

  • How much does it all cost?

Senior sessions start at $350 and your senior session needs to be booked in order to be considered for the model team. More info on senior sessions here! The senior model team is a separate fee of $65. This covers some of the fun things we do for each shoot. So, for just a little bit more, you’re getting to be a part of 4 extra group styled shoots. Your fees must be paid in FULL before the deadline.

  • Do I need to post a certain amount of images on social media if I’m on the team?

Nope! You are not required to do any sort of promotion, but it is definitely encouraged. As a model, you will be enthusiastically representing Nicole Marie Photography. All that is required is for you to HAVE FUN and be a part of an exclusive group. Sharing your images will help you gain points towards incentives.

  • Can I nominate my friends to join, too?

YESSS! When you get your application, make sure to fill out the section that mentions nominating a friend. Your friend will also need to fill out an application to be considered.

  • How many photoshoots will there be?

Your individual senior session PLUS 4 styled model team sessions that will take place between Summer 2022 and Spring 2023.

To join to 2023 senior model team, fill out the contact form here and I will send you all the info for booking your senior session and applying to the team!


Apply to the 2023 senior model team

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