Best friends photoshoot in Ocean City

I can’t think of a better way to leave for college/head off to your senior year than by doing a bff photoshoot with your girls! These five chicas have such a sweet friendship, I could photograph their fun personalities all day long.

But, PSA: This photoshoot *almost* didn’t happen.

Thunderstorms from every angle chase us down as we make our way onto the island. Crossing the bridge into Ocean City, we notice that the north end is rainy. Looking to my right, I see that the south end has a glimmer of sunshiney hope (enter starry-eyed emoji right here)! So, we bee-line for the south end in hopes to catch a few minutes of nice weather!

As I park the car, I whole-heartedly expect it to downpour within 10 minutes so I fumble around frantically to get my gear out of my car as the girls put the last touches on their outfits. To our surprise, not only does the rain hold off, but we also get some amazingly beautiful clouds to accent that beachy, Ocean City landscape.  Nature’s always keeping us on our toes…and that is what I call a true adventure!

During best friend photo sessions, I love to capture the sweetness (and weirdness) of your friendships! If you’re feeling serious FOMO from seeing this adorable session, don’t worry because I’m doing BFF mini sessions on August 19th + 20th, 2019 in Ocean City, New Jersey! Yup! You can join in the fun with your besties, too! All the details are at the bottom of this page and you can email me to reserve your spot .

Schedule your own bff mini session! Here are the details:

August 19th and 20th

Ocean City, NJ

$120, 15 mins, 3 digitals, 15 proofs

Endless summer memories!


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