teen girls posing on the jetty in ocean city new jerseyBeing a part of the senior model team is always a blast, each and every year. Here is what we did during photoshoots from the 2021 senior model team!

Boardwalk shoot!

Our first team shoot took place at the Ocean City boardwalk. We started out by introducing ourselves to the group! It was so exciting to meet everyone! I explained the “heart” behind Nicole Marie’s senior model team. That is, we’re all in this to make new friends and have A TON of fun. Clicky-ness and rudeness isn’t welcome–because we are a sisterhood! I’m all about making this a momentous time for your senior year. It’s not just about pretty pictures, it’s also about meeting new people and being a part of an exclusive group.

Then, we talked about what’s expected during photoshoots. I always tell girls to not worry about being in a perfect position or feel nervous about posing. Giving the right amount of direction is what I’m here for, and I know how to get the best angles and expressions. I’m all about posing in a natural way, so that you don’t look stiff or uncomfortable. For team shoots, I encourage girls to interact with each other as we’re taking pictures. I love capturing the in-between moments: laughing, talking, and running around on the beach!

After chatting, it was time to shoot! We started out in front of Wonderland on the boardwalk. We were SO excited to take advantage of the clean white doors of the building since the rides weren’t open yet. It looked awesome next to the Wonderland’s red “castle” vibes. I love a clean, white backdrop for photos, because it makes everything pop!

Then, we wandered down the boards for some ice cream (my treat)! The girls were able to get whatever cones they wanted, and it looked adorable for photos.

After ice cream, we kicked off our shoes and went down to the beach just in time for sunset. The jetty was the perfect place for group shots, and we also had some funny moments of standing in a line and skipping down the beach. The summer sun GLOWED, and we had a blast getting our feet sandy.

At the very end of our boardwalk/beach shoot, some of the girls decided to jump in the ocean! We were all laughing so hard, we could barely breathe. It was one for the books!

nicole marie photography's senior model team posing on the boardwalk with ice cream Nicole Marie Photography's senior model team skipping on the beach in Ocean City, New Jersey.

Beach bash with floats!

Our second shoot was on a bay beach in Ocean City, and it was epic. It was the end of summer and we were expected to have perfect weather, until, a pop up thunderstorm came! Mother nature was on our side though, because the storm quickly passed and left us with the most vibrant sunset you’ve ever seen.

We started out the shoot in sundresses for individual shots, and then did some in-the-water photos in bathing suits! I believe modest is the cutest, so I told the girls to only choose one-pieces or a bikini that wasn’t too revealing.

I brought along some fruit shaped floats and a paddle board. My favorite shot from the day was when everyone was floating in the water and the sun was setting behind them!

We also indulged in a giant, 3 foot fruit charcuterie board. I loaded it up with fresh, tropical fruits like pineapple, star fruit and dragon fruit. It was so colorful and pretty, we almost didn’t want to eat it!

Nicole Marie Photography's senior model team on the bay with fruit floats

Bonfire by the lake!

For our winter shoot, I rented an Air BNB on a lake in Cape May Courthouse. We didn’t use the actual Air BNB, we were only there for the cool scenery around it! It was so gorgeous exploring the area. We started out by walking down a trail to a giant treehouse and rope bridge. After we got some photos on there, we went to the bonfire area where we had s’mores, played ukelele and took pictures next to a giant wood pile. Since it was close to Christmas, we ended the shoot by exchanging secret santa gifts and sitting on the dock for sunset. As it got dark, the girls had time to just hang out by the fire and drink hot chocolate. It was such a cozy, starry night outside!

bonfire photoshoot with s'mores and hot chocolate nicole marie photography's senior model team

Spring flowers

For our last model team photoshoot, we explored all the flowery places in Ocean City! Kate brought her adorable, baby blue bug and we got some really cute poses with her car. This last shoot was bittersweet because the girls were getting close to graduating! We stayed until sunset to soak up every last second, and all the blooming flowers really made this shoot special.

If you’re a junior and you are excited to join the senior model team, contact me here for more info! Applications open up in the SPRING of your JUNIOR year!

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